Justifying the Price of Eyewear

Many women, myself included, can easily rack up a $150 bill at Tj Maxx in no time at all. We have to stay on top of the latest fashions, right? We also have no problem taking a trip to the Hershey Outlets and dropping $250 on a new Kate Spade or Coach bag. Or, how about that occasional spa day because we need some pampering? We can make these financial decisions with ease, so why do we find it so difficult to justify spending money on a quality pair of eyewear for ourselves?

Let's say you shop for clothes once a month and spend $100. How many of us can actually limit shopping to only once a month, though? I make more Target runs than I care to admit. That equates to $1,200 per year, not even accounting for shoes and accessories. And let's be real-we spend way more than that in a year. What about our nails? We must have a fresh manicure to complete our #OOTD instagram pic. Keeping our nails looking good can quickly add up to $400 per year. And let's not forget about our hair. A cut and color can easily cost you $180 and if you go every 8 weeks, that's about $1170 per year, not including a pretty generous tip on top of that. Oh-and we definitely need that venti Starbucks to have while we run errands! I don't even want to know what I spend on coffee a year. These scenarios don't just apply to women; I know men like to shop and pamper themselves while sipping on Starbs, too. Not to mention expensive hobbies such as golf and cars. I happen to have a husband who can relate to all of these.

Why is shopping for eyewear so different? Why do we have such a difficult time justifying the purchase of a pair of glasses? Some of us are shocked to hear the price of a quality pair of lenses in a designer frame, but yet have absolutely no qualms about spending money on a designer handbag. Buying eyewear should be no different. It's an accessory; it define's your style and personality. We choose to shop at nice retailers and get pampered at high-end salons, so why go to a chain store in the mall and settle for a cheap set of lenses that you can hardly see out of and a frame that looks like everyone else's? By doing that you're running the risk of completely ruining your chic outfit, nice hair and fresh nails with a crappy pair of glasses, and we just can't have that. All because you can't fathom spending $450 on a pair of custom, quality glasses that accentuate your style and more importantly, that you can actually see out of.

Before talking yourself out of spending money on a stylish, well-made pair of glasses, think about all of the money you've spent (and will continue to spend) over the course of a year on clothes, shoes, your hair, accessories, etc. Eyewear is no different; in fact, it should be priority. Invest in your eyes-after all, we only get one pair and they deserve to be pampered, too.


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